January 01, 2012

A Week Off

I LOVE the week between Christmas and New Year's!  The last week of December 2011 was a great time of catching up on sleep, eating leftovers, being lazy, reading, playing games, and enjoying my kids.  We did manage to keep up with laundry and at least a minimum of cleaning...having a new Wii game was great motivation in that department.  I have to confess I've gotten into the Wii craze myself; I hadn't really played anything since last Christmas when we first got it!  But it's been a blast to have the kids take turns playing something with me.  Now, we just need to get two more "Wii-motes" (as we call them) so we can do 4-player games!  Ted is looking into that so hopefully we can surprise the kids with that when he comes home for R&R in a few weeks.

I feel as if I hardly even did any cooking last week, since Denise sent me home from our Christmas Day feast with so many leftovers!  I think I did make spaghetti one night, and we did a crock-pot pulled pork (which also has lasted a few days) and homemade pizza for our movie night.  I'm not looking forward to having to figure out what we're going to be eating for the next week or two!  Time to get out the pencil and paper and get back to menu planning!

Now that I think of it, we didn't really go anywhere or do much of anything besides be lazy and play, ha!  The day after Christmas we did go to my friend Erin's house for a couple of hours to visit and play.  Then on Friday my friend Claire brought 7 of her 8 kiddos to the house to visit, as they were in Ohio for the holiday.  It was great fun to catch up with her.  We saw each other in the summer, so it was neat to see how the little ones have grown...and how her oldest son is looking and sounding more like a man than a boy now!  Time is flying!

For our movie night on Friday we watched an Animaniacs DVD from the library.  Oh, so much fun!  The kids hadn't seen any of those cartoons before, but they quickly became fans, and now they are singing the theme song loudly with me whenever we think about it.  We look forward to watching more together.  It brought back great memories of my college days, when Megan and I would walk over to Maddox dorm to watch episodes with Jenny, Kim, Natalie, and Penni.  Oh, the good old days!!

Considering it was December, we also had some pretty good weather last week--mostly sunny days with the temps in the 40s or 50s even.  I was just starting to think that maybe we'd get away with a mild winter, but today the temperature dropped while we were in church, and it has been terribly cold, windy, and rainy all afternoon.

So, it's back to...reality?!...tomorrow.  I have a dentist appointment in the morning, so I'm not sure how normal our day will really be.  Then again, I feel as if we don't really HAVE normal days around here anymore anyway!

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Tina Miles said...

Sounds wonderful! I've tried to make a point to make sure there have been lazy days in this break as well--we all need them! (Especially as the boys start playing Upwards Basketball the next two months). I'm glad you got to enjoy them! I think its ok to say this is an off year and normal isn't going to be that way for a while longer. To borrow a line from a reality show I don't want to admit I watched in the past "Make it work!"...that's how we got through having James work nights + having a newborn. Just do whatever it takes to make it work and get through this crazy time!