January 09, 2012

House Guests

This week we are enjoying the company of the H family, who is living with us while the floors in their house are refinished!  They also homeschool two children, ages 5 and 7, and both are very fun and energetic.  They all "moved in" last night, and the kids have had a blast!  I was thankful they came yesterday so Jen was able to help put little ones to bed; I was fighting ANOTHER blocked milk duct (slightly different area this time) that didn't fully resolve until just before I went to bed at midnight.  Sigh.

Anyway, thankfully I woke feeling MUCH better this morning, and things still seem fine on that front.  Jen took her kids plus Kenna and Lucan to a metro park this morning, then out for lunch and to church with her for a service project.  It was wonderful...Charis, Tobin, Arden and I curled on the couch and did Sonlight reading for nearly two hours!  It felt good to focus on my older kids and get some schoolwork done without so many little interruptions.

In the afternoon Jen and I enjoyed coffee/hot tea and conversation; it was so nice to be able to visit while the kids played!  And boy, did they play HARD!  They were all starving (apparently!) all day long and VERY ready for bed by time evening came...that was quite apparent in their behavior, ha!

Jen made a yummy chicken and black bean soup for dinner, and then I went to get some groceries.  I'm headed to bed as soon as I can write up the assignment sheets for my school kids so they can get work done at church tomorrow while I attend our first Bible study session of the year, Beth Moore's new study James:  Mercy Triumphs.  Can't wait!

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