January 25, 2012

R&R, Day 4

Wow, time is ticking away!  But today was the first day Ted did not take a nap, so we are making progress, LOL.  Today's highlights:

  • Breakfast around the table with EVERYONE present!  (Well, Lucan drifted in and out, but that's typical these days.)  We had homemade berry and yogurt parfaits and enjoyed some yummy granola from our friends in India, who sent us a big box as a treat to enjoy while Ted is home!
  • Tobin's day out with Dad--they went to the Lego store with gift card and spending money in hand!  (Grandma J gave the boys gift cards for Christmas.)  Tobin also shopped for a Christmas gift for Arden with the money he has been earning recently for that purpose--we're doing a belated family Christmas probably Saturday morning.
  • At home, I held the other kids off from Wii for awhile at least; they colored and did puzzles; Arden and I played checkers (he beat me soundly); and Charis, Arden, and I played Chinese checkers (Charis won handily when Arden began blocking my brilliant, strategic path).
  • And then we all played Wii. 
  • We ate a healthy lunch (much to their chagrin) while Ted took Tobin to McDonald's as part of their "date."  (Ted passed on McD food and came home to polish off the chicken soup that was leftover!)
  • Tobin disappeared to his room to put his new Lego sets together.
  • Ted took Charis and Lucan out to do some errands.  Charis did her Christmas shopping for Kenna.  (The kids decided rather than spend piddly amounts on every sibling, they would simply exchange one gift--boys with boys, girls with girls.  Lucan and Zaden are blissfully unaware of any such arrangement!)
  • Tobin and Arden played a Wii game from the library while Kenna watched and I prepped taco fixings for dinner.
  • Ted took the older kids to AWANA while I ate my own dinner (was nursing Zaden while everyone else ate) and cleaned up.
  • Lucan got an early bedtime (after stories with Daddy), then Zaden went down for his evening cat nap.
  • Ted and I started a movie together before time to pick up the AWANA kids.
  • Now Kenna is in bed, and the older 3 and I are going to watch American Idol while Ted goes to bed early.

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