June 09, 2016

Bible Bee Time!

It's that time again, time for the summer Bible Bee study! If you haven't signed up, it's not too late to register, although I advise doing so quickly, as we are approaching the end of week 1! This year we are diving into John 13-15.

Last year the closest local host to our home was actually 3 hours' drive away from us! Needless to say, we didn't attend any local meetings, lol. However, we did make the trip in August for the end of the summer gathering and celebration (it worked out to visit friends in the area and also pick up our Suburban which had arrived from overseas).

This year we agreed that if there were no closer hosts, then WE would host a local group. So we are listed as hosts! It's our first time hosting, and we're pretty excited about it. There are 9 families participating--not bad for a community where this is brand new!

These photos are from our trip to Nationals last November. Charis qualified again to attend Nationals, her second time, and it was a blessing for our whole family to get to travel to San Antonio and cheer her on. We have many, many friends in Texas (I grew up there, ya know!), and it was a blast reconnecting with people not only from my old church youth group, but also from EVERY single assignment we've had in the Air Force except one! The fellowship plus the opportunity to see kids from all over the country who have hidden God's Word in their hearts all made for such an unforgettable experience. We have more kiddos this year who are determined to study hard because they want to make that trip again!

Charis is ready for the written exam!

Kenna enjoys some time in the amazing Family Fun arena! No surprise she scaled this "rock climbing" wall by herself!

Ken and Sarah, dear friends we met in Las Vegas...sooooo fun to catch up with their family and meet each others' newest additions!

Katie, one of Charis's friends from Naples!

Tobin, Arden, and Lucan at the celebration banquet

Ted, Rhema (hidden in the baby carrier!), Charis, and I

Charis, Rhema, and I stayed in the hotel; the rest of our crew stayed with Ted's cousin Missy and her family. COUSINS!!!!

We met more friends at the Alamo! Good thing I've been there a few times, because I was way too busy visiting to even tour the place!

Ryan and Ted holding our latest babies...the P family has 7 kiddos that match up closely with ours!

JJ and Jamie are friends from the first time we were assigned to Wright-Patt!