April 10, 2013

Sympathizing with Saul

This is a random, what-I-learned-during-my-quiet-time-this-morning post, simply because I was so struck by a "new" lesson in a familiar story.  And by "new lesson" I mean "one that God has to keep re-teaching me" because I can be a stubborn fool!

Our read-through-the-Bible-in-a-year program this year has been The Message: Remix.  Today's Old Testament reading was from 1 Samuel 13-15.  Below is what I wrote in my prayer journal...

Oh, Father!

It seems so easy to judge Saul for not obeying you; yet when I read this version of the account of him making the sacrifice without Samuel--my heart trembles!  I can just picture myself doing this!  Sam doesn't show up when he said he would, soldiers are leaving left and right, the Philistines are closing in--oh, I can just see myself trying to control the situation, taking matters into my own hands.  I like action.  I don't like waiting!  Especially when circumstances seem dire.

Wow.  As I keep reading, I see a clear contrast between Saul and Jonathan.  Jonathan was moved to action...he didn't want to sit around and wait, either!  But, as he speaks to his armor bearer, he refers to God multiple times--God's deliverance, God's salvation, God's working.  He proposes a course of action that involves a clear sign from God as to whether or not to proceed.  Not surprisingly, God honors this approach!

Oh, Lord!  Help me learn to wait on you first, not as a last resort!  The desires you've given me are your desires.  You will see them through to their completion.  You don't need my help!  Teach me to rest in you instead of frantically trying to make puzzle pieces fit together.  The pieces I'm working with now may very well not yet include the ones I need!  You will send what I need...when I need it.