January 22, 2012

R&R, Day 1

Highlights from Ted's first day home:

* Sunday morning pancakes and strawberries, a tradition that just isn't the same without Daddy!
* Attending church today and being overwhelmed by the love and support from our church family
* Watching Zaden's face light up when spending time with Daddy
* Lots of snuggles and stories on the couch
* Eating a family favorite lunch (pulled pork, squash bake, garlic green beans, almond flour biscuits) and sitting around the dining room table--not the kitchen table (which only seats 6), where the kids and I normally eat
* Boy bonding time watching the football games
* A 3-hour nap for me!
* Stove-top popped corn for dinner (coconut oil + sea salt = yum!)
* More cuddles on the couch
* Evening nap for Ted, still trying to adjust to a new time zone
* More cuddles on the couch while watching American Idol with the older kids

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