January 23, 2012

R&R, Day 2

Jet lag is a major downer.  But we've managed to enjoy at least being together despite the exhaustion!  Today's activities included:

  • Hot tea and a quiet time before kids woke up...Ted made me tea. :-)
  • Breakfast made by Ted (scrambled eggs with sausage)--it somehow tastes better when someone else cooks for a change!
  • A relaxed morning with kids playing or reading while Ted updated his laptop in hopes that it will work faster once he goes back overseas
  • A trip to the chiropractor--aaaaahhhh!  My neck and right shoulder blade had so much tension, and I can't even express how much better I feel now!
  • An oops moment when we started to drive on base for a couple of errands only to realize Ted had left his ID at home...so much for that!
  • A trip with Tobin to return overdue books to the library and Kroger for some much-needed produce
  • A much-needed nap for Ted while kids played Wii and I did some laundry and kitchen work
  • Dinner with the girls and Lucan while the boys attended karate class
  • Haircuts for all the boys (except Zaden!)--our family barber is back now!
  • Cuddling on the couch with my sweetie watching the latest Tim Hawkins DVD
  • An early bedtime for ALL of us!

Ted reads a newly buzzed Lucan a bedtime story.

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