January 19, 2012

The Saga Continues

For those who have been following my nursing woes, I have a new update...I truly hope we're getting to the end of these updates!  This morning I actually printed out a timeline to take to the doctor, which looks like this:


From the beginning, cracked and sore nipples due to poor latch.  Then, for 4 weeks we used a Supplemental Nursing System until Baby learned to suck properly (through October 2).

October 29—Blocked milk duct on the right side.  First experience ever in nursing 6 children.  Milk blister appeared; after popping it with a sterile needle (I know! Sorry!), milk was able to flow through and block resolved after about 11 hours.  (Note:  All issues from here have been on the right side, same spots.)

November 2—Blocked milk duct; resolved within about 6 hours. 

November 21—Blocked milk duct; resolved within 3 hours.  Milk blister reappeared and was sore/tender during Thanksgiving week.

November 28—Another block; resolved within a few hours.

December 1—Blockage, ending with infection.  Went to ER and was given a 10-day supply of antibiotics (started with an A…Augmentin?).  Relief within hours of taking the first antibiotic.  Took all medication as prescribed.

December 2—Appointment with Dr. Noya.  Said milk blister should resolve with use of antibiotics.

December 5—Met with lactation consultant because the milk blister was still not going away.  Hot compresses, Epsom salt soaks recommended and followed. 

December 8—Small lumps in breast; tender but not painful.

December 9—Horrific vaginal yeast infection.  Called the hotline, and a doctor (I think the one I saw in the ER?) prescribed a one-time dose (400 mg) of Diflucan over the phone.  Lumps still present in breast.

December 10—Noticed the lumps in breast were gone.  Added a 3-day yeast infection OTC treatment on my own because symptoms persisted, although not nearly as bad as initially.

December 12—Skin of milk blister broke apart (on its own) while nursing.

December 14—Appointment with Col. H-V, midwife, for assessment.  Cultures taken; no yeast present.  Nipple cream prescribed—use sparingly.

Used cream sparingly for a couple of weeks; milk blister got much smaller but never disappeared.  Stopped using the cream when it seemed there was no pain, discomfort, or potential issues.

January 8—Blocked milk duct again, this time closer to the nipple instead of back farther in the breast.  Took 15 hours of work before it finally went away.  Following this episode, the milk blister reared its ugly head again and became more and more tender.  Began using the nipple cream again, along with hot compresses and an Epsom bath here and there. 

January 18—Another blockage after a lot of tenderness where the milk blister is.  Called LC, who talked to the midwife, and was told to see my PCM.  


So, Dr. N saw me this morning, and after going through all of this information, he has put me on a new set of antibiotics, plus given me two Diflucan doses--one to take about a week from now, and one to take when the antibiotics are all gone.  (I also went by the Vitamin Shoppe on the way home and stocked up on probiotics and will take those alternating with my 4 doses of antibiotics each day!)

In addition to the medication, he ordered an ultrasound, which, by God's grace, I was able to get done today instead of having to come back.  Great news!  First, I didn't have to get a mammogram--hooray!  (Although I'm supposed to get one two months after Zaden is weaned because of my family history.)  Second, neither the tech nor the radiologist see anything of concern, just greatly dilated milk ducts (which, presumably, the medication is going to address).  So, no abscesses or cysts or anything else weird.  That was a great relief!

Will you please pray with me that this issue will be resolved once and for all?  Thank you!  I feel that after all this I should be made an honorary lactation consultant!  I do hope that God is using all these trials to refine me and make me more like Jesus.  I often don't feel like it, more often complaining and asking "Why me?" and "When will this end?" instead of "How can I give You glory?" and "How can I let You be my strength?"

"Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance.  Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, lacking nothing."  James 1:2-3