January 25, 2012

R&R, Day 3

Whew, this was an incredibly long day for me!  Good, but busy.

  • Up early to enjoy coffee and quiet time with my sweetie.  LOVED being able to discuss our Bible reading together and pray with each other in person!!!
  • Ladies' Bible study at church for me, Zaden, and Arden...Z was in the nursery, A in the arcade, waiting for...
  • Lunch and shopping date with Arden!  He desperately needed new shoes and pants, so we hit the BX and found both.  (Woohoo--two pairs of pants for $11 total!)  We also purchased 2 more Wii remotes so we have a total of 4, a very good thing for our family!
  • Lunch in the food court: I brought a salad from home for myself and bought Arden a pizza/breadsticks combo, then treated him to ice cream.  He was sooooo happy and so thankful!  What a delight to be out with that boy!  
  • Grocery shopping in the commissary--Arden pushed Zaden's stroller while I piled stuff into the cart.
  • Home to unload everything.
  • Meanwhile, Ted and the other kids were at home doing some cleaning, laundry, and quality Wii time!
  • After unloading groceries, Charis and I left for her orthodontist appointment.
  • Dropped Charis off at the house so she could join the Wii fest and drove to the farms to pick up eggs and milk.
  • Home...finally...and enjoyed SITTING and feeding Zaden while Ted made dinner.
  • Dinner as a family--lots to talk about together!  So fun to sit around the table and share our "Joy, junk, Jesus" moments from the day!  Then a devotional reading before the kids helped me clean up and Ted took a bit of a nap.  (Darn jet lag!)
  • After getting littles to bed, Ted and I finished watching our Tim Hawkins DVD and then tucked the older kids in bed.
Sigh...no pics from today.  I was hardly home!

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