January 14, 2012

Back to "Normal"

Ben Franklin said, "Fish and visitors stink in three days."  Well, I think it depends on what visitors you have!  We thoroughly enjoyed having the H family stay with us this past week.  I think Jen and I were mutually encouraged by each other's faith, and the kids learned a lot from playing together as well.  Kenna and Lucan will be so lonesome next week without playmates Robby (5) and Abby (almost 7).

We just shared our last meal together, as Rob and Jen loaded up their things and headed home to some beautifully refinished floors, one more project crossed off their house to-do list before trying to sell it next year before moving.  Lucan is now down for a nap, and the older boys are playing at a friend's house, and it is quiet indeed!  It was fun having a friend here to share the week with me; I almost forgot what it was like to have adult conversation on a regular basis, LOL!  My computer usage was extremely minimal, and I also enjoyed that--though I missed out on seeing what people were up to on Facebook, I was more than happy to take some time to make coffee or tea in the afternoons and sit and visit with Jen.  It's so wonderful to have friends to share one's walk with Christ, and to be able to talk about parenting and other issues that we all face was very encouraging for us both, I think.  I also enjoyed a bit of freedom to run errands or do what I had to do without kids tagging along.

We actually did manage to get through some schoolwork last week, too, which was a pleasant surprise, as I set low expectations and didn't figure we'd get much done.  But we nearly completed a week's worth of core readings, so that was a bonus!  That puts us close to finishing week 8 of our curriculum, and since I was hoping to get through 18 weeks before Ted comes home after his year away, I think we're pretty well on track for that to happen.  We have approximately a week left before his R & R time, so perhaps we can make it to the halfway point, which is actually a quarter's worth of work in normal school terms!  But given what we are experiencing this year, I'll take what we can get done!

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you had such great company all week, but also glad we, your on-line community, can help "fill-in". I know I've appreciate Facebook more in the last 2 years, its made staying home/James working 2nd shift/odd or night shifts/ overtime a bit more bearable because I don't feel quite as alone. And while it isn't quite the same as adult conversation, it is a bit of a help. :) Counting down the days for R&R and the final few months with you!