January 06, 2012

Planning Our Getaway

So in roughly two weeks Ted should be en route for HOME!  Only for 2 weeks, but still.  We've spent the last 8 months apart (with one week together between training and deployment), so as you can imagine, we're just a TAD bit excited.

We're trying not to plan TOO much, but some things simply must be scheduled, starting with our number one priority--our own time away without the kids!  Rhonda will be coming for a few days in the middle of Ted's R&R time so that she can spend some time with him plus help babysit the kids so we can go away for a night.

So the past couple of weeks I've been scouring web sites, trying to find a B&B.  Things just were not really coming together; either it was kind of a lengthy drive, or a little on the pricey side, or already booked.  So I finally just made a reservation at a nice inn on the recommendation of a B&B owner who was booked.  I found that I could get a luxury suite with king-sized bed and a jacuzzi for $99.  That seemed like a great deal!  But I was rather disappointed that it wouldn't be a B&B experience...we'd be on our own for meals.  Still, a jacuzzi!

Well, last night I got a voice mail from a soon-to-be B&B owner.  I had called the location to inquire and was told that they were in the middle of selling the place!  They took my name and number, but I wasn't sure whether to actually expect a call back or not, and after a day or so, I just booked the aforementioned luxury suite.  After reviewing the voice message, I decided it wouldn't hurt to call the new owner today and see what she had to say.

I am SO glad I called!  We had a lovely conversation.  She is a believer in Christ also and purchased the B&B partly for ministry opportunities!  We will be her first customers (and the only ones that night), so we will have the place to ourselves.  She wanted to give us a special deal because of our unique situation, so she is only charging us $75!!!  She offered to go and get us dinner if we want to order out rather than go back out after checking in, and she said we could stay as long as we want on Monday.  She even offered to let Grandma and the kids come and check the place out on Monday--there are 3 acres and a barn to explore!  She didn't even take my credit card info over the phone...it was really a God-directed opportunity for us both, I think.  Of course there will be a nice breakfast spread for us, plus fresh fruit and snacks.

Because of the set-up...she offered us access to the other room, which is adjoining...I actually think we will take Zaden with us.  I was a little concerned about trying to pump the whole time we're gone.  But if he can sleep next door to us, we can still enjoy couple time and I will be much more comfortable while we're away from home.  Plus, it will give Ted some extra time with his new son whom he has yet to meet as of right now!  Zaden is such a sweet, easy baby that I think it won't take away from our couple time at all to have him with us.  And hopefully that will make things easier for Rhonda, who will be home with the other 5!

I'm deliriously excited!


Bob and Claire said...

Oh Beverly!!! This is absolutely tremendous!! How wonderful! God really provides in amazing ways! : )

DivaWard said...

So, so, SO very excited for you both!!,

Janis Perry said...

Ted and Beverly, so very excited for you guys! We were all excited when Renee's husband was able to come home for two weeks in December/January. It is SUCH a blessing to have them come home. Pray that you guys have a wonderful time together.