January 30, 2010

6 on Saturday

My sweet friend Susie often posts a "10 on Tuesday" on her gorgeous blog. I loved the idea of sharing random tidbits about my life, since I don't always get to sit down and journal on my blog as frequently as I might like. But I am afraid to lock myself into a commitment I can't keep. So I decided random numbers on random days would work just fine for my random blogging schedule. Here goes...

1. It's too stinkin' cold outside to run. (How cold, you ask? Try single digits and teens...low 20's being the high for the day.) I borrowed some fitness DVDs from my friend and neighbor Chris and have been doing segments of them early in the morning. They are perfect for my current phase of life--I can get in a 20-30 minute workout before Lucan is ready to nurse and be up for the day. I do miss the days when I could nurse him at 4:30 or 5 a.m. and put him back to bed! But at least I'm burning some calories, which is more than I can say for the early mornings around the holidays.

2. We're on a new grocery shopping schedule. The plan is to majorly shop every 3-4 weeks. I made a big run on January 8 and just went again today. The current menu plan extends through February 25. Between a couple of Sam's Clubs stops and a quick trip to the commissary after work, Ted fills in the gaps with needed fresh produce and milk, etc. I have an amazing husband.

3. I've calculated that I could shave a half hour off my commissary shopping time if everyone else stayed OUT of the store. What do you think the odds are of that happening? Yeah, pretty slim, I know. So I'm thinking about skipping the produce section and making a beeline for the canned and dry goods--that's where everyone hogs all the aisle space, making decisions I've already considered BEFORE walking into the store. If I can zip my two carts up and down those aisles faster, then I can take my time with the produce selections and still come out ahead.

4. It's that time of year again--time to seriously start working on the Commission youth camp Bible study. I can hardly believe this will be my 10th year to do this. Though our whole clan won't be making the trek to Idaho this June, I love that I can stay involved in this way. Prayers for God's clear guidance would be most appreciated.

5. Ted recently downloaded the entire season of Survivor: Australia for us to watch on my laptop. (Since, you know, we have all this free time to fill up.) AMAZING. Seriously, this was the best season ever. We didn't start watching the show until Survivor: All Stars and have seen every season since. It's a guilty pleasure, I suppose--TV that doesn't involve sports is typically forbidden in our home. People are just so INTERESTING.

6. I absolutely love that we are a family who loves to read. All of these books are from the library, a place we frequent.


Natalie said...

I'm trying to get Nicholas moving along on his reading so we can all sit on a Saturday afternoon and enjoy reading our own books together. We love to read, and I don't know what we'd do without the library. We'd be very poor from buying book! =)

Bob and Claire said...

And soon you'll be stretching those trips out to 6 weeks . . . just like me! No, if we lived closer to the commissary, we would probably go every 3-4 weeks too. I think that is a more workable timeframe. As it is, we can barely fit all our groceries in the van for the way home on our every-6-weeks plan!