January 07, 2010

Really? That's All Ya Got?

I've been doing laundry on Thursdays the last few weeks instead of our typical Saturday wash day so that we could avoid doing laundry over holiday weekends. I decided I rather liked getting it out of the way before the weekend arrived, even if that meant I was on my own instead of having help from Ted.

So I was merrily plugging along, enjoying a wintry, snowy day with the kids while moving through the laundry at a rather amazing pace.

Soon it dawned on me WHY I was finishing up so quickly.

By the time I had folded all of the items, Tobin's clean laundry pile consisted of one pair of pajamas, one pair of underwear, and three pairs of socks.


Kenna seems to have worn enough clothes for 3 little girls, though, so perhaps that counts for something?!

(And as a side note, it is worth commending Tobin for listening to us in at least one regard--we had been begging the boys to PLEASE wear their pants more than once, as they were both going through them at an unreasonably fast pace. I'm not sure how that translates into "stuff your dirty underwear and shirts back in your drawer and wear those over and over and over," but I guess you never know with boys. Note to self--start paying attention to what the boys are wearing every day!)


Susie said...

Too funny :) I wish we had light sabers around here- although dart guns have been coming in handy for winter acitvities :)

The Litwillers said...

Rob, who grew up in a family of boys, is still laughing about this one.

Natalie said...

I had to have the clean underwear conversation with Jonathan a couple weeks ago when I found only 1 pair of his underwear in the laundry after 4 day of wearing clothes!

taylordi said...

Love these stories! Thanks for the chuckle. We don't have the underwear issue more like with Kenna, changing clothes 2-3 times a day.

Bob and Claire said...

Ah, yes, we have gone through that stage with most of the boys at one time or another. Really, only 1 pair of underwear and 1 pair of socks this whole week . . . hmmmm, son . . . LOL!

Darla Perryman said...

We have the opposite with our son. He would change his clothes 3 times a day if we let him. His clean clothes pile is always taller than anyone elses. Seriously, sometimes to get him to hurry, I'll tell him he won't have time to change his clothes and that always gets him to focus. Thanks for the giggles.