January 11, 2010

Adventures with Kenna

In today's episode, Mom does extra chores when Kenna tries something new in the bathroom: using the toilet brush holder as a potty! While the small container does indeed hold #1, unfortunately there is nowhere for #2 to go except on the floor. But not to worry; Kenna is a resourceful child and "cleans" the mess herself, leaving the new "potty" in the center of a poop-streaked floor for big sister to find later. The plot thickens when Baby Lucan pukes on the carpet right as Mom is on her hands and knees cleaning the bathroom floor.

However, in a charming twist later on, Kenna melts Mom's heart by carrying around her "Baby Jesus" (a lump of clay she has rolled into an oblong shape) while patting, cooing, and singing to it. All is forgiven as Kenna is tucked in bed for a long-awaited two-hour nap.


Bob and Claire said...

LOL!! Well, at least she is going IN the bathroom. LOL, I just can't imagine how her little mind came to the conclusion that was a good potty! Too funny!

Grace is still not interested in going on the potty, in the toilet brush holder, anywhere, except in her diaper. Sigh. And here I thought girls were so easy after Anna!

Andrea said...

Wow you've got your hands full with Kenna! On the bright side, if she ever needs to give a urine sample for the doctor, she'll probably think it is fun instead of being freaked out about peeing in a cup like most little kids!

Amy Kilpatrick said...

Oh that Kenna sure makes me laugh. She really is your handful! I do believe that when she is a Mommy one day, she will be paying for her raisins...LOL!!

Debi Joy said...

I'll never forget the time I was babsitting her at my house. I put her down for a nap in her pack and play. 10 minutes later I find that she had crawled out of the pack and play, stripped off all her clothes and diaper and was sitting in the middle of our bath tub! Apparantly she thought a bath sounded a lot better than a nap! Sounds like she continues to have her challenging moments but she is the cutest little girl in the world (other than my Kate and your Charis of course) and I love and miss her every day!!z