January 25, 2010

Obviously the Slaves Need More Training

It was sweet, really; Kenna watched me working with the older kids, teaching them how to deep clean the bathrooms. I guess she wanted in on the action. I wasn't fortunate enough to catch her in the act, but this is the result of her "cleaning" the mirror in the kids' bathroom using a sopping wet sponge.


the Pools said...

LOVE IT! I'm so glad to know there is someone else out there who is a slave-driving Mommy too! The girls are in charge of the bathrooms twice a week, Benjamin does the trash, we have "kitchen helper" days where we rotate, also "laundry helper" days...I just LOVE IT! Oh, I love your ticket system, we do sort of the same thing but with pennies and they have to earn so many to "buy" something from me...but I loved your idea about having random chores that need doing once in awhile on cards for opportunities to earn as well as the "media time" idea as a prize to be earned. Hmmmmm....love it when you get me to thinking about stuff. Also, I have to admit I am addicted to your blog...it's one of two I frequent almost daily....I'm just bad about posting comments :) LOVE YA!

Bob and Claire said...

Anna and Grace use diaper wipes. On everything. At least those don't leave the water streaks, but still . . . books, magazines, Faith's jacket, the boys' Bionicles . . . all painstakingly wiped. Now if I could just get them to put the stuff back where it goes. Time to crack the whip! : )