February 04, 2010

Little Joys of Homeschooling

Starting the day by watching/listening to/singing along with an iWorship DVD.

Praying as a family anytime we want. (Extra special joy listening to Kenna's sweet prayers: "Dear Jesus, Thank you for my family. I love you. Amen.")

Dancing in the kitchen with Lucan to the Geography Songs CD as the older kids sing along loudly.

Listening to Arden narrate (re-tell) a Bible story. (He chose Samson and Delilah.)

Reading a paragraph Tobin wrote all by himself.

Listening to the song Charis wrote for Kenna as she plays it on the piano and sings.

Watching the school kids give the little ones hugs and kisses on their way to the next activity.

Realizing the house is quiet...and finding all the kids reading books in various cozy spots.

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My name is Debi said...

As I read this I just come from describing to Kevin the "worst homeschooling day" I've ever had with Kyle yesterday. I'm so glad things are going well for you in your home school. I believe the number one problem we have here is the fact that as an only child, Kyle craves social interaction. You are blessed that your children have each other to play with and learn from.