January 17, 2010

Extra Service Opportunities

Someone asked what the other jobs I have available for the kids are. I love putting them on index cards instead of assigning them on a chart, because I can always think of new tasks that the kids really could be doing instead of me! This way I can add the cards to the box. Here are some of what is in our "Extra Service Opportunities" file:

* Use spray cleaner to wipe inside and outside of microwave, top and front of stove, and front of dishwasher.
* Shred papers in Mom & Dad's room. (I just pile them next to the shredder--it's so loud I don't like shredding during naptime, since Lucan is right over our room!)
* Pick up all toys on the main floor.
* Scrub the kids' bathtub.
* Put all toys in the playroom back into their PROPER containers.
* Clean out the Suburban--all trash thrown away and all other items put where they belong.
* Vacuum Mom and Dad's room and bathroom.
* Vacuum the playroom.
* Vacuum the office.
* Clean off the trunk [a landing zone in our house] and put everything where it belongs.
* Straighten the Shoe Wall and straighten the laundry room.
* Wipe down sink and counter with cleaning wipes in Mom & Dad's bedroom.
* Empty all bathroom trashcans.

I also have some repeats of weekly chores, such as vacuuming the family room, cleaning the kitchen floor, etc. Things that really should be done twice a week (but don't always get done). I know more tasks will end up in this category, and eventually--once the kids are trained to do weekly chores properly--they will have to do one task from the weekly file and 1-2 tasks from the extra file per day. But for now they have one weekly task per day (Monday through Friday), with extras happening when they need something useful to do (i.e. they are fighting or driving me crazy) or when they want to earn tickets.

Next post: Our ticket system.

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