January 06, 2010

Just What I Needed

I'm guessing every mom understands the uncanny ability children have to sense the exact moment when Mom gets on the phone. It seems no matter how frequently we work on "phone manners," things fall apart when I have someone on the line. (This is why I truly despise being on the phone. In about 18 years I will have all the time in the world to talk on the phone, but by then I'll probably be in bed catching up on my sleep.)

So anyway, the phone rings this afternoon, and somehow, even though I'm attempting to work in the bowels of the basement, the boys come charging into my stamp room, waving their light sabers. (WHAT about a ringing phone inspires light-saber swinging, I ask you??) The call is from a downline member needing to ask some business questions. I put the boys off with a raised finger for awhile, then head upstairs with them following right behind me. I finish the phone conversation, trying to shoo away the boys with hand gestures and frowns, which of course is completely ineffective.

After I hang up the phone, I announce, "Whatever it was you were planning to ask me while I was on the phone, the answer is NO."

There is no response to this. Tobin and Arden simply look at me, unfazed. I'm puzzled. Weren't they going to ask me some all-important question? I am too curious to walk away, so I ask them.

"We weren't going to ask you anything," Tobin says.

"Then why in the world were you following me around so closely?"

"Because we wanted to guard you, Mom!"

Hmmm. I didn't realize I was a VIP in need of light-saber-wielding bodyguards, but hey, I think that means they love me. :-)


The Litwillers said...

You know why they ran downstairs? They felt a disturbance in the force. I know, because I had forseen it.

Bob and Claire said...

That is absolutely hilarious, Beverly. I guess they realized you needed to be guarded from the phone itself? So funny!! And no, my frowns and frantic gestures don't quiet anyone down either.