March 01, 2006

Charis' Reading

On Sunday morning, while Ted and I were enjoying his yummy whole wheat pancakes (a Sunday-morning tradition at our house), the kids asked for their daily Bible story. I usually read this to them while THEY munch, but because of the way we do pancakes, they were finished eating before Ted and I were. So, Charis eagerly asked if she could read us the story.

I've begun to take her reading skills for granted, but as I listened to her read the following story out loud, I was just amazed! And of course, very proud! Ted doesn't always get to hear her read, obviously because he is at work most of the day. So it was neat for him to get to hear her as well. I will note in brackets the words she had trouble with, and as you'll see, there weren't many!

Jerusalem Is Rebuilt
[Throughout the story she pronounced Jerusalem as "Jerus-la-hem," kind of like Bethlehem.]

"The Jews [she thought it was jewels at first] were captives in the enemy land for many years before they were allowed to return to the city of Jerusalem. The city had been destroyed by King Nebuchadnezzer [she actually knew this word, likely from other Bible stories and the Veggie Tales "Rack, Shack, and Benny"], so the people began to rebuild it. But even after many more years, the wall around the city still had not been rebuilt. Without a wall around it, the city was not safe. So a man named Nehemiah [we had to help her with this one] took charge and told all the other Jews to help him rebuild the wall. Some enemies decided to attack the workers and stop them from building the wall. So Nehemiah [helped her again here] told the people to carry swords and spears while they worked. And so the walls around Jerusalem were rebuilt, and God's people had their special city once again."

Wow! I was impressed! Even better than hearing her read the story is knowing she actually comprehends what she is reading, as she can easily answer questions about the story afterwards.

I am loving home schooling!

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Sarah said...

Yea, Charis! Tell her we Brownies are proud of her, too! It's so cool as a homeschool mom to be able to say, "I taught her that!" Just think, if she were enrolled for public school, she wouldn't even be in kindergarten yet!