March 07, 2006

Arden Funny

The past 2 days I have had to deal with Arden's lack of desire to take a nap. He has been SOOO good about this since our initial problems once he learned to climb out of the crib, but all of a sudden he apparently decided to test the waters again. He never did go to sleep yesterday, and today I don't think he did, either. I ended up shutting him inside his room (there is a safety cover on the inside doorknob so that he can't let himself out), and he raged for a few minutes and then got quiet. I was so exhausted myself that I just assumed he went to sleep (and even if he hadn't, at least he was quiet!), so I lay down on the couch and got a 40-minute nap.

I heard him yelling and woke up. He was poopy. I also noticed a couple of toys/books that were on a lower shelf in his room, so he must have been entertaining himself during my nap. I decided to give up on the nap, since it was by now 4:00, and brought him downstairs. I hoped he would go out in the backyard and play, but after feeling the chilly breeze outside, he decided he didn't want to go out of the house. I asked him what he was going to do instead, and he scrunched up his brow, thinking about this question. Then he said, very seriously, "Um, probably not going to sleep." No kidding!!

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Stephanie Perdue said...

Hey Beverly,
My name is Stephanie Perdue and I live in Georgia. I came across you blog the other day as I Googled the name Charis Noelle. I was thinking that it would be a great little girl’s name. When I clicked on the link it brought me to your entry about Aliana Elizabeth. I found it to be such a great post since I just lost a baby within that same week. (March 1). I could relate and I loved reading you’re the verses you quoted. Thanks for sharing your experience. I was encouraged. I have read several of your other posts and I think it is funny how we think a like about several different things. As a matter of fact I just read your post about the personality tests. I am a beaver also. I love reading about your home schooling experiences. I was a high school teacher until my son was born last Feb. I know that my calling is to be a good wife and a stay at home mommy. Just to let you know, my husband is a Pastor and I we started a church, North Cross, in Forsyth County, Georgia. Thanks for letting me get a glimpse of your life. It is neat to know that there are other woman around the world that love the Lord and there families with all their hearts. If you would like you can email me at