March 24, 2006

Two Things That Make Me Laugh

I thought I'd share a couple of funny things since I only have a few moments to post something. What better way to start the day than by laughing!

1. I have an "Anguished English" daily calendar that Ted and the kids gave me for my birthday. Here's what it said for Monday, a "lost in translation" kind of thing:

Go soothingly on the greasy road, for therein lurks the skid demon.

I giggle every time I read this!

2. Ted's mom always finds the greatest cards. (No, they aren't hand-stamped, but we always love the puns!) Ted's 30th birthday card arrived yesterday. It has a picture of a rather fat baby on the front, wearing only a diaper, hunched over and concentrating with his face all scrunched up. The inside of the card says, "Looks like someone is pushing turdy!" LOVE IT!!

Arden likes the card, too. He calls it his funny baby. :-)

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Greg said...

Thanks Beverly, for mentioning my book! Greg Lang