February 28, 2006

Field Trip

After catching up on my friend Sarah's blog, I remembered that I had wanted to write about our little field trip last week. On Friday Sarah emailed me to ask if the kids and I would want to meet them at our local fire house for a field trip. Since we didn't have anything planned for after our school time that day, I agreed. We had a snack after school activities and then headed over to meet them.

We were told we could just come on in and ask for a tour--no need to schedule because we were such a small group. The guy who did our tour was extremely nice, but Sarah and I agreed that he was not quite cut out to have a pre-school and kindergarten audience. (Sarah's 3 kids are very close in ages to our 3.) He talked mostly to us instead of the kids! But the kids didn't seem to mind or notice. They were just excited to see the ambulence, the firemen's quarters, and of course, the big fire truck. They got to sit in the drivers' seats and climb up and down...basically it was a dream come true for Tobin to be around a big truck and be allowed to climb up himself!

So, even though the tour wasn't as exciting as it possibly could have been (with a more enthusiastic fireman who communicated well with children, say), we enjoyed our time there. It had been about a year and a half since we had our tour of the volunteer fire department house in Maryland. THAT was a great tour, done with our little MOPS group. The firemen there put on their gear piece by piece and explained why they had to wear each bit of it, talked about what fires are like, how to be as safe as possible if caught in a fire, etc. My kids were a little young at the time to appreciate it, though they did enjoy watching the action, I think.

At any rate, the kids were thrilled with their little plastic firefighter hats, and Sarah and I enjoyed a chance to visit after our tour when we went to the nearby park and let the kids run around a bit before heading home for lunch and naps.

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