February 19, 2012

In Sickness and in Health

It's hard to believe Ted has now been back in Afghanistan as long as he was here for R&R!  Not much time for blogging lately, which is a bummer, because it also means I haven't had any time to read my friends' blogs, either.  I try to do quick scans on Facebook now and then to see how folks are doing, but my FB interaction is typically limited to letting Ted know how and what we're doing.

So, it's been a barrel of fun around here the last couple of weeks.  Soon after Ted left my nursing problems escalated again; it seemed they never really went away while he was home, so after he left, they just got worse.  I ended up back in the ER with an infection and started a third round of antibiotics.  Sigh.  With that came a referral to the Center for Breastfeeding Medicine in Cincinnati.  My team here on base decided they needed some more expert opinions as to why this keeps occurring.

The original appointment was scheduled for last week.  However, life came to a screeching (and messy) halt when we got hit with a stomach virus. 

Monday night Kenna was up vomiting from midnight to 3 a.m.  Tuesday she lay around the house, feeling miserable and feverish.  Wednesday morning she was feeling great! 

Wednesday afternoon Tobin came in the house (after the one good school day we had) and threw up.  Arden sat down at the dinner table that evening and spewed everywhere.  Charis succumbed shortly thereafter, and each of the three older kids had various levels of "after shocks" throughout the evening until they finally passed out for the night.  I managed to get everyone in bed before it hit me, and I spent a pretty miserable evening and night praying that I wouldn't have to deal with the little ones while in such a weakened state.

Thursday was deemed a movie day, and while the kids seemed to be recovered enough to enjoy camping out and watching movies on a gray, rainy day, I felt awful until that night, when the achiness and chills finally ended.  This was the original date for my appointment in Cincinnati, but I was able to reschedule it for next Friday.

This weekend has been sunny, which helped lift our spirits as I sent kids outside to play and get some fresh air.  I did lots of laundry and cleaned all the bathrooms.  I decided we were probably safe to attend church and looked forward to getting out after being housebound since last Monday.

And then Lucan started crying last night, and when I checked on him, he was feverish.  He and Kenna were both up early this morning with terrible coughs, and Lucan's nose has been running pretty much non-stop.  Since the older three were symptom free, and since they had AWANA quiz team practice after church, I sent them with a friend to church while I stayed home with the younger three.  Even Zaden is coughing and has a little sniffle!  My poor babies!

So we haven't done a lot of academics lately, ha!  But we've done a lot of praying together, and Lord willing, the kids are seeing grace under pressure!  And unconditional love!  Nothing says "I love you" like a willingness to clean up the contents of someone else's stomach, eh?!

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