February 05, 2012

R&R, Day 8

  • Sunday!  Grandma J was here, so we all attended church as a family--second service only, since Ted and Charis got back so late from Winter Jam.
  • Lunch together, and then Ted, Zaden, and I made our escape!
  • We arrived at the Ohio Barn B&B in mid-afternoon and met the new owner, who made us feel at home and gave us the run of the place.
  • I enjoyed a nap while Ted and Zaden had some quality guy time together. :-)
  • My friend Eilene had brought us this lovely basket of goodies to take with us so we wouldn't have to worry about dinner arrangements and could instead just settle in and relax.  So we did!
  • Had a lovely, leisurely evening together.  Zaden did very well sleeping in the other room in a pack-n-play, so we got a good sleep, too.

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