February 05, 2012

R&R, Day 10

  • Ted got up EARLY to take Rhonda to the airport!  It was a short but very fun visit, and we are so thankful she was able to come spend some time with Ted and allow US to spend some time away!
  • Zaden and I went to my ladies' Bible study (which has been fabulous, by the way--love Beth Moore's new study on James).
  • Ted put the kids to work UN-decorating the house...when I came home, Christmas was GONE!  And the house was CLEAN!  What a blessing!  (OK, I did ask him to take down the decorations, but he definitely went above and beyond the call of duty!)  The house somehow looks bigger now that the tree is gone and the furniture rearranged, LOL.
  • The older kids went to PE with friends in the afternoon, and the boys played with their friend Justin afterward.
  • (I'm having a hard time remembering how we finished this day, but I'm pretty sure it involved playing Wii and Catan with the kids!)

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