March 18, 2012

Quick (?!) Update

OK...I have about 7 minutes to update this blog! 

  • The biggest news is we have our assignment!!  We will be moving to Naples, Italy, this summer!  I'll get better about posting on here and will give more details as we can.  Right now, we're waiting to hear if Ted's request for an extended date has been approved; otherwise, we'd have to be there at the end of July.  YIKES!  So much to do! 
  • Speaking of military stuff, Ted pinned on Lt. Colonel March 1!  Woohoo!  I'm so proud of him!
  • Ted has also finished his correspondence course, successfully completing Air War College during this deployment, a pretty big deal.
  • Praise God--the Commission 2012 Bible study is written!  This year the staff voted to "recycle" a previous year's theme (2003, The Quest for Holiness), so all I needed to do was rework it.  I was rather ambitious back in the day, LOL, so I cut and edited and moved things around, and it only took me one week.  Now Ted has the electronic copy to work on graphics.  I'm so thankful to be finished with this now that I have to get us ready to move!  Thank you, Lord!
  • The bad nursing issues are GONE!  My appointment in Cincinnati went well, as I met with a Christian doctor and spent about 2 hours with her.  She didn't really tell me anything I didn't already know, but she did say my case was unusual.  Should I be flattered?!  At any rate, I have not had any problems, other than my body adjusting as Zaden has grown and started solids a little past his 6-month birthday.
  • Zaden is doing great with solids--he has so far eaten and enjoyed squash, avocados, applesauce, carrots, and rice cereal.  I'm whipping through my stash of frozen breastmilk!  May need to start pumping regularly in the mornings...I've only done so a few times recently as his schedule has changed a bit.
  • Homeschooling...hmmm...I should do a separate post on this one.  We're plugging away, nearly finished with week 14.  My goal was to complete 18 weeks (half a year) of curriculum during this deployment, so I think we're on target for that! :-)  We've passed the Civil War and are in the Reconstruction era.  Having some good discussions as well as thoroughly enjoying our fun read-alouds.  (Currently reading The Great Turkey Walk.)
  • Spring has sprung!  For now, anyway--it's Ohio, so you never know around here!  We're enjoying being outdoors more, and now that my body isn't going so haywire on me, I actually feel ready to conquer the clutter and PURGE in preparation for our move.  I refuse to be overwhelmed!  God wouldn't have given us an overseas assignment if He weren't going to guide us each step of the way!
  • Charis earned another part in the spring play, and rehearsals have begun.  
  • The boys continue to enjoy karate twice a week.
  • Kenna has been happily playing with her friends Sam and Sarah often during these wonderful weather days.
  • Lucan still naps several times a week and adores bouncing on the trampoline, spending most of his waking hours with black feet.

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Darla said...

Ok, WOW! How exciting! You'll be on our side of the ocean. We'll continue to pray for you. And who kids want to visit "the boot" someday :o)