February 05, 2012

R&R, Day 12

  • Piano lessons for the older kids in the morning--I'm afraid they weren't very prepared!  There has been a severe lack of routine around here lately, LOL!
  • Ted left mid-morning to enjoy his 60-minute massage, Christmas gift from his mom.  (We checked into doing them at the same time, but the place where she got the gift cards doesn't do couples' massages.  Bummer!)
  • I prepared things for the babysitter, my friend Charity who came over to watch the kids while Ted and I went on a lunch date.
  • Zaden got to go out with us again, since he was going to need a feeding while we were out!
  • We went to our favorite Indian restaurant and met our friends Lt. Col. L and his wife Genae and enjoyed a wonderful lunch and conversation with them.  Jason will be deploying to Kandahar in August, so you can just imagine the info flying from Ted's brain into his!  
  • Ted and I then went to Half-Price Books and puttered around there for a little while...
  • ...then went to the Family Bookstore, where I finally picked up a planner as well as the movie Courageous.
  • Catan again with the kids!
  • Ted took the boys to karate, and a friend picked up Charis for American Heritage Girls.  Kenna and I hung out for some good girl time, since Lucan didn't nap and went to bed early!

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