February 05, 2012

R&R, Day 9

  • We slept in just a bit, waking around 7:30.  
  • Oh, what a wonderful breakfast!  And the best part was not having to cook it, LOL!  
  • Ted and I also enjoyed coffee and blueberry scones for a mid-morning snack with our quiet time.
  • The owner allowed us to stay as long as we liked, so we had a wonderfully relaxed morning with lots of uninterrupted conversation. :-)
  • We packed up and left around 2 p.m.
  • Enjoyed lunch at a favorite Mexican restaurant.
  • I got a 60-minute relaxation massage, my mom-in-law's Christmas gift to me, while Ted and Zaden ran a couple of errands.
  • The original plan was to meet Rhonda and the other kids, who had been at the Boonshoft Museum, at Chick-Fil-A for an early dinner before the boys had to head to karate...
  • ...However, when I called Rhonda to tell her to go ahead and order for her and the kids, since Ted and I had such a late lunch, she and the kids were halfway to Cincinnati, having missed their exit to get back home!
  • The unexpected detour finally ended, and Ted and Rhonda took the kids to CFA after all, leaving me a bit of peace and quiet at home.  (Boys missed karate, but it was fine!)
  • Once everyone was home again, we enjoyed an Oreo pie from Ritter's as a birthday treat for Grandma J (whose birthday is Feb. 6) and as a special treat for Ted, since he loves Oreos!
  • After devouring some chocolatey goodness, we played a game together before putting the kids to bed.

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