February 05, 2012

R&R, Day 11

  • We enjoyed a lazy morning together as a family...this picture shows Arden voluntarily reading to his younger siblings.  He is such a great big brother!
  • Charis had an orthodontist appointment shortly before lunch, so she and I went out together for that.
  • Afterward, I took her to Walmart, as she wanted to shop for a few craft supplies.  We also picked up a birthday gift for a party she was attending on Saturday.
  • Then we had a girls' lunch out at one of our favorite cafes.
  • Ted and the other kids were enjoying some quality Wii time together at home.
  • It was so gorgeous outside that I ended up going for a 2-mile run, my first run in at least 10 months!  I loved being outside and exercising, but my body really protested and let me know I am NOT as young as I once was...it took me 3 days to recover!
  • During Lucan's nap time we set up the Catan board!  So fun to play as a family!  (Kenna played as Ted's helper and said "Harumph!" when things didn't go well for him!  So cute!)
  • We fed the kids dinner and loaded everyone up to go to church and dropped off the older 4 for AWANA.
  • Zaden and Lucan went with us to Chipotle, where Ted and I ate our dinner and laughed at Lucan's silly antics.
  • Then we went to the mall so we could get Lucan's "Daddy bear" (from Build-A-Bear Workshop) a new voice recording, as the old one had been played to death.  Lucan was delighted! 
  • We had enough time to let Lucan play in the play area awhile before going to pick up the kids and heading home.  It was so weird to be out with only our two youngest children...reminded me of when we were young parents with a tiny Charis and Tobin!

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