June 22, 2011

Time Is Flying!

Is it just because it's summer that time is going so quickly?!  Even the kids are commenting on how quickly the weeks are going by!  Ted left home a month ago today...hard to believe.  Life has been speeding along ever since.  I hope it continues, but I suspect we'll hit a long, hard, uphill road come fall/winter time when I'm a zombie from not sleeping much, the kids are slogging through schoolwork, and the house is a falling-apart mess.  Guess I should enjoy the sensation of time passing quickly while I can!

Last week was very, VERY full.  Here are the highlights:

* Monday--OB appointment, 90 minutes of exploring Carriage Hill MetroPark, chiropractor appointment.  Very fun morning out with the kids, who were so well behaved and had a blast exploring the old farm!  The park expedition was a last-minute idea, so I didn't have the camera with me.  The weather was just too perfect to NOT be doing something outside.

* Tuesday--piano lessons, picked up milk at the farm while the kids played at Julia's.

* Wednesday--cooked and cleaned a bit preparing for company.

* Thursday--welcomed my Aunt Iola and Uncle Al, along with my cousin Reema and her twin girls Maelin and Joyella.  Ben, Reema's husband, had been at a conference at Cedarville all week, and we met him at Young's Dairy for lunch, ice cream, and play time.  Late afternoon we came home for Lucan to take a nap, though he never did fall asleep, and Reema and I enjoyed some quiet time to visit while the rest of the gang played at the park down the road.  We ate a spaghetti pie dinner here with carrot cake for dessert and said our goodbyes around bedtime.  We thought the family would be heading on Friday morning; however, Reema (who has MS) had what seemed to be a seizure and fell over in the hotel bathroom.  They took her to the hospital that night.

* Friday--Uncle Al brought the twins to our house for the day.  I was so thankful that we had cleared our schedule beforehand...after a busy week, I had decided I needed to just stay home and get some work done in the kitchen.  The boys went to Justin's house to play, and Kenna, Charis, and Lucan happily played with their cousins both inside and outside.  Maelin and Joyella left around dinner time to be with their family, and the kids and I had our pizza and movie night.

* Saturday--Uncle Al and the twins came over again, as Reema was still in the hospital.  Al did some laundry here, and once again the kids had a blast playing together.  The girls really enjoyed some of the toys we have that they don't, and they spent many hours building things with various magnets and blocks and playing in the tents that the kids had made during an early rainstorm.  Ben joined us in the afternoon, and I was happy to have some help cleaning out our leftovers, as the fridge was overflowing!  We had dinner together, and then they headed out.  Thankfully, even though Reema had been vomiting during the day, she was released from the hospital that night, and they were able to head home Sunday morning.  I'm sure they were relieved to be able to just get out of there and go home!  Not quite the way they planned to end their vacation. But we were glad to be able to let the kids play together longer.  I don't get to see these family members very often at all!

So that wraps up last week!  Now we're already halfway through this week...

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