June 04, 2011

Memorial Day Pics

This will mostly be a picture post...it's getting late, and I need to get some sleep before Kids' Street Live tomorrow!  (I should probably work on my lines, too, ha!)

Memorial Day ended up being a great day for us.  I was tempted to have a pity party since I had nearly forgotten it was a three-day weekend and hadn't made any plans.  But instead I asked my friend/neighbor Eilene if they had anything going on for the day.  Turns out they didn't have plans, either, so it worked out well!  We started our celebration around 10 a.m., trying to beat the heat.  Got to Skype a bit with Ted from the N's driveway, and the kids ran around trying to keep cool with water balloons/guns and a kiddie pool for Kenna and Lucan.  Charis became enthralled with the 3D chalk, and Tobin borrowed a new series of books from Blake, so he was happy as a clam with a new book to read.

We had a yummy lunch of grilled hot dogs, chili, veggies, and fruit, then headed to the basement to cool off and play some games.  I brought some watermelon-lime-blueberry pops that we had just made the day before, and they were quite the hit.  I couldn't believe it was 3 p.m. when I headed home with Lucan and Kenna!  The time flew.  Lucan had a late nap while Kenna and Charis watched a girly movie and I worked on our 2009 digital album.  (I ended up finishing it that night--woohoo!)  After a dinner of leftovers, we headed to the park to wear Lucan out again, since he had awakened so late from his nap!  I got to chat with my mom-in-law on the phone while the kids played.  All in all, it was a nice, relaxing day...and I'm sure the kids were happy that I remembered it was a holiday so they didn't have to do schoolwork, LOL.

This picture was taken with the 3D glasses over the lens...can you tell the difference?!  It really was pretty cool!

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That looks like fun!!