June 10, 2011

Kids at Camp, Day 4

Yesterday was a very full day for the kids at camp.  They got to do the zip line, and there was much excitement as they told me about that during our dinner that evening!  They made beaded crafts, and they also enjoyed a ginormous slip-n-slide and came home quite soaked.  (The one bad thing about camp week is doing a small load of laundry EVERY NIGHT!!  I can't seem to keep up with folding things, so they're strewn all over the place!  But at least the camp shirts have been clean!)

I can't remember right now what else the kids told me about camp that day.  Kenna and Lucan and I went to a park down the street from us to meet Genae and her daughter Rowen.  I hadn't met them in person yet; Genae's husband was Ted's boss during the past year.  She and her husband had both contacted me several times, wanting to make sure I would let them know how they can help us out this year.  I'm so glad we connected at the park!  It was a beautiful morning, and Kenna was in heaven to meet another little girl!  (Rowen is 6, but they're almost the same size!)  The kids played very happily, and I enjoyed getting to know Genae.  She, like me, was an English teacher before starting a family.  They struggled to have children, and they call Rowan their little miracle baby.  They are a really sweet couple--I met Lt.Col. Lamb at Ted's going-away luncheon, although we had spoken by phone a few times when he had called the house.  Genae and I will, I believe, be good friends.  We could have talked all day, but Rowan had to leave to go to kindergarten.  She's at the public school now, but they're sending her to a Christian school next year.

In the afternoon, I told Kenna we could have some girl time during Lucan's nap.  (I made sure I got an iced coffee to take to the park so I wouldn't need a nap, LOL.)  We made a big batch of cookies so we could send some to Ted, painted Kenna's fingernails and toenails, and went to my office and STAMPED!  Kenna was beside herself to be able to choose a stamp set and some ink pads to play with!  I worked on a project, and so did she.  It was a very fun, productive afternoon.

In the evening, after dinner, the kids and I went to the annual PEACH used homeschool curriculum sale.  I spent a whopping $4 and came home with a HUGE bag of stuff--there was a room full of free items, and we made out like bandits!  Charis took some spending money and spent about as much as I did and also got a lot of freebies.  I wasn't there to shop for curriculum--I know I'll be ordering from Sonlight--but I was thrilled to get a lot of great books for the kids to read over the summer, plus some activities (a whole Kinex set! for free!).  Yay for free stuff!  And yay for new books!

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Heather said...

We had our curriculum sale on Friday. I made almost 600$!!! Also I only spent about 50$. That will cover the Teaching Textbooks I want to get for Brenna and Riley. A day later someone posted on the EAGLES loop the writing program I wanted for only 45$. I was so excited since it's over a 100$ program. I LOVE getting a deal.