June 10, 2011

Kids at Camp, Day 3

Whew, as I suspected, this week has flown!  So I'll quickly try to recap the rest of the camp week...

On Wednesday, the kids had another day with horses.  Arden decided to try having Benadryl in his system so he could be around the horses, so we dosed him up and sent him with the medicine in his backpack.  It did help--he didn't have the watery eyes, runny nose, etc., but he did break out in hives on his face and neck.  He got cold water dumped on him afterward, which probably helped!  And I had him shower as soon as he got home.  By the time he got home, even though you could still see the rash, he said it wasn't bothering him.  I think he really enjoyed being around the horses!

I believe Day 3 of camp was also the rock-climbing day, where they got to climb a 29-foot wall.  Tobin didn't try, but Arden and Charis did, and Arden nearly made it to the top.  This was also water balloon day.  They sure kept them busy each day of camp!

Meanwhile, I took Kenna and Lucan home, finished packing our picnic lunch and did a bit of work in the kitchen, and then took the kiddos to a splash park to meet some other friends.  The park reminded me of all the water parks in Las Vegas, except this one was EXTREMELY crowded!  These parks aren't quite as plentiful here as in the desert, I guess!  There was absolutely no shade anywhere around the water area, so we ate our picnic lunch under some trees near the parking lot.  The water didn't turn on until noon, so we had time to eat before the mad rush to get wet.

The kids enjoyed it, and I did, too--mostly because it was so stinkin' hot that I enjoyed when Lucan tugged my hand and wanted to go get wet, because then I could cool off as well!  We played in and out of the water for about an hour and a quarter, and then it was time to get out of the heat and head home to rest.

While Lucan napped, I let Kenna watch a phonics DVD from the library, and I had some time to work on our summer schedule spreadsheet.  I'm not totally done yet, but I did get some ideas down...it just looks like we have so much free time!  Too much free time = not good, so I need to pray some more and see what we need to do to make sure we're using our time wisely and accomplishing what God wants us to this summer.

I had kids in bed by 8 p.m. this evening...it had been very hard to wake them up for breakfast in the morning!  After they were down, I enjoyed a nice long Skype conversation with Ted, so that was a bonus!

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