June 23, 2011

Kenna's Comments

Kenna has such a cute way of wording things and constantly makes me smile with her words.  I don't write them down often enough, so while I'm thinking about it, here are a couple of things she has said recently that I wanted to remember.

This morning, while helping me make fruit and yogurt parfaits for breakfast, she ran to get her stool and headed for the sink to wash the berries, saying, "This will be hopefully fun!"

Last night, when I was cuddling her and talking with her, I was telling her that God made her special and knew her even before she was in my belly like her baby brother.  I said, "Kenna, God has a special plan for you!"  She looked at me with her eyes sparkling and lowered her voice conspiratorially and said, "What is it?!"  As if I could tell her!  Don't we ALL want that question answered RIGHT NOW, LOL!

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