June 11, 2011

Kids at Camp, Day 5

Friday was the last day of Camp Jabez!  Arden again worked with the horses and again had hives, but not too badly.  It sounded as if they crammed a bit of everything into one day--zip line, rock climbing wall, paddle boats, horse riding...a very full day for them.  And thank the Lord, the thunderstorms seemed to work around them for the most part!  We got some rain in the morning as we were driving to camp, but it cleared up.  It did rain on them a bit, and they had to take shelter for a short while, but God was so gracious to give the kids such good weather during their time at camp!

Kenna, Lucan, and I drove to Trader Joe's after dropping kids off at camp--it was a nice, scenic route, and I really enjoyed the drive.  We ran into some friends who were also shopping, and since we weren't in a hurry, it was fun to chat awhile (until the kids started running laps around our shopping carts).  We checked out together, and with all the talking, the cashier learned Ted is deployed, and she already knew Jen's husband had recently been deployed.  She brought us both a free bouquet of flowers and told us to take them home 'cuz we "deserved them!"  So sweet!

Then we hit the health food store for probiotics, the library to make copies and check out a few things (saw 3 more people that we knew there), and the post office to send off Ted's first care package.  The kids were so good during all the errands!  I was pretty wiped out by the time lunch was finished, so I let Kenna watch a couple of Leap Frog phonics DVDs that I had gotten at the homeschool sale for $1 each while Lucan and I napped.

After Stefanie brought the kids home from camp, I invited Justin to stay and play with our boys, which thrilled them all.  Kenna was invited to play and have dinner with her friend from across the street.  Charis disappeared to read, and Lucan tried tagging along with the older boys, who didn't really appreciate that much at all!  We had a taco dinner, then watched Meet the Robinsons (Kenna was home by then) for our movie night.  We hadn't seen it before (Justin had)--well, I think the kids said they had seen parts of it.  It's very quirky and quite well done.  Interesting themes!

It was a very full week for all of us, although I do regret not being a little more on top of the housework--today we have been cleaning like mad, but it still seems we have so much more to do!  Finding ants in 3 different rooms of the house hasn't helped.  Sigh.  It's hard to keep up with crumbs around here.  But on the plus side, I can see the carpet in the kids' bedrooms again, and I've deep-cleaned all 4 bathrooms...just need to finish up by scrubbing the master tub (where we bathe Kenna and Lucan) and my shower.  (That's my LEAST favorite household chore, by the way, whether or not I have a pregnant belly!)  Hopefully by the time the kids get in bed we will have finished picking up the various, unrelated objects strewn all about the house, vacuumed, and mopped.  I think we've earned a day of rest for tomorrow!

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