June 22, 2011

Summer Activities

Though I'm trying hard not to be TOO busy, we have found a number of opportunities that are too good to pass up!  Here are some ways we are currently spending our summer:

1.  National Bible Bee.  Though we started a week late (because of Camp Jabez), we are on track to be caught up by this coming Sunday evening!  Every day we work on a "Sword Study," as we work our way through the book of 1 Peter.  I am so proud of the kids' hard work!  Charis sets her alarm clock and gets up almost every day on her own to do her Bible study and work on memory verses.  I work with Arden, but Tobin prefers to work alone, coming to me now and then for some help.  I also have a Sword Study to work on (parents get complimentary copies of the senior level study), which I do during the time Arden and I work together.  The material is AMAZING.  Everyone is covering the same material but at different levels.  I love this program, and we will never go back--it's a summer staple for sure!

2.  Piano lessons.  The kids' enthusiasm for music has not abated and probably is, in fact, encouraged by a spirit of competition (as in, "It's MY turn to play the piano!!  Get off!!")  Along with Bible Bee activities, piano practice is a daily task around here, but one that I rarely have to remind the kids to do.

3.  Swimming lessons.  The kids began this two-week adventure on Monday.  Lord willing, the thunderstorms will miraculously stop before and during their lessons so we can get them all in!  It was QUITE chilly Monday night!  Tuesdays there are no lessons, as the pool hosts swim meets then.

4.  Free movies.  We're taking advantage of the free movie schedule around here and have gone twice so far.  The kids have seen Megamind and Yogi Bear, and Lucan did great!  He had never been to a movie at the theater before.  I packed dried fruit snacks for the older boys (who can't have popcorn on the GAPS diet) and some all-natural popcorn for the rest of us, and Lucan just enjoyed snacking while sitting on my lap and making little comments on the movie.  ("Bus!  Noise!"  "Bear!")  Later on, when we get to the movies like Ramona and Beezus, Percy Jackson, and the Voyage of the Dawn Treader, I plan to have someone watch Lucan and Kenna and just take the older ones.

5.  Park play dates.  I've met several friends for lunch at different parks.  Lucan always seems to have great naps these days. :-)

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