June 02, 2009

Winding Down

We're in Week 36 of Sonlight's Core 1. It has been a GREAT year! I'm sad that I haven't yet ordered the next core, but Ted and I agreed it would be better to just wait until we get to Ohio. I know once we have the books in our possession it will take some heavy-duty locks to keep them out of the kids' hands, LOL!

Mostly we are on track to finish by Friday. Charis just today finished her week 35 Language Arts, so she'll need to crunch if we want to finish by Friday, but she and I agreed it would not be a terrible thing if she finishes things up next week. Tobin is finished--I think that kid needs more work next year! I will definitely make him do more of the writing assignments. He got a pass on a lot of them because, having done this LA with Charis last year, I realized how frustrating it was to throw out a writing prompt with little guidance and expect a 6 or 7-year-old to be able to write a paragraph. This year I was a lot more laid back about it, sometimes letting Tobin dictate to me, sometimes changing the required topic to something he was more interested in (usually Star Wars, LOL).

I've begun realizing that Arden has gotten the short end of the LA stick--he breezed through his Ready for the Code phonics books, but since I had a hard time keeping track of everyone, he usually finished before I was ready to watch him with the writing part...and I've noticed that he's making some of his letters backwards now, particularly the lowercase "b" and "d," which is understandable. His capital letters are fine, and he's reading quite well, so I'm not terribly concerned...it will just take some concerted effort on my part to help him with his practice, which I intend to continue through the summer.

We will also continue math at an unhurried pace over the summer. Charis has had some troubles with multiple-digit multiplication, but she seems to be getting over the hump. We've had to take it pretty slowly with these lessons, but I don't mind. She only has 5 more lessons in her Gamma book, and I'm confident she can start the next level once we're ready to start "school" up again. Arden is nearly finished with the Alpha book, and that's with me trying to slow him down! Tobin is about 2/3 of the way through Beta. Once again, I'm sure if we want him to, he can be ready to begin the next level when we start Core 2 with Sonlight.

PE has come to an end as of last Thursday. I am really going to miss the SAINTS program! The kids are, too! They have learned so much about so many different sports. They've gotten to try everything from archery to baseball to Capture the Flag. They've played tennis, kickball, flag football, soccer, and run relay races. They've learned to listen to a coach and get along with teammates (and those on the opposite team!), and they've learned about glorifying God with their attitudes and abilities. Coach Chris, shown in the picture with the kids, is a great guy, and I'm so thankful for the time and effort he and the other coaches have invested into our kids.

AWANA has also ended for the year. The awards ceremony was last Sunday. I don't have the pics downloaded yet, but maybe I can come back and insert a picture here. All three kids finished their books this year, and both the boys also completed their review patches. The church we're going back to in Ohio also has AWANA, so we look forward to continuing next year. And the year after next, Kenna will be a Cubbie!! Wow!

It looks like I'm down to just one or two more business events here in Las Vegas. As much as I want to reach $2000 in sales for this month in order to keep my current career title, I just don't see that happening with a trip to Idaho scheduled for 10 days and only one stamp club meeting!! I'm not complaining...my focus now is on sorting and organizing our stuff, weeding out things I don't want us to have to unpack later, and preparing our family mentally, emotionally, and physically for our move.


Ski said...

I wouldn't worry too much about writing b and d's bacward or mixing them up. It's very common at this age and if you work with him it will work it's self out. Even some older children still mix those two up! How about numbers? Does he write any backwards? It's very common for 5-6 year olds. Good luck with all the packing and sorting. I had to stay home with Tabitha today so I had some time to sort through and organiz all our paid bills, a job I hate and put off as long as I can. It feels good to purge but it's a lot of work. Good luck! How is Ted's house hunting? I am glad you're going back to a familiar area.

Beverly said...

Ski, sometimes Arden writes his 2s backwards, but I believe his other numbers are usually spot on. Thanks for the reassurance!! Good to hear from an expert! :-)

Amos said...

My oldest who is 7 1/2 also mixes up the b and d, even when reading them too. The teacher said it is a very common thing for boys to do. Sounds like your family has had a very productive school year. Praying for a smooth transition for you all to Ohio and for a house that can be yours for the entire time without fail.

Anonymous said...

Jonathan's kindergarten teacher gave them a hint for their bs and ds. She told them for b to think of a bat hitting a ball, so the line comes before the circle. She told them for d to think of a door because you grab the doorknob to open the door, so the circle comes before the line. I don't know if those tips will help, but they seemed to help Jonathan. When he couldn't remember, he'd start talking about bats and doors. :)