June 11, 2009

Almost Final!

Just received the following email from Ted:

"So I just talked to Marty, and the owner is out of town through Monday, but plans on counter-signing the lease on Monday evening when he gets back in town!!! They had very little interest at the open house on Sunday and only one showing scheduled (this afternoon)...so unless the showing today sells the house we're in! He also said that he has had four calls from out of town about renting the house but none about buying so far.

I told him the delivery date of 21 July that the movers quoted me, and he said that we should be good to go for that as well. Once the lease is signed, he will forward us all the numbers and addresses we need to get set up with our utilities so we can have everything ready when we move in.

I had prayed for closure this morning, and while it's still not 100%, it is something. I guess if it sells today though, that will be as firm an answer as we could hope for!"

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