June 29, 2009

12 Years

Sunday was our 12th anniversary! We left Idaho on Saturday and drove to Fillmore, Utah, since the TLF at Hill AFB was filled up. We ended up being VERY glad we pressed on, since we decided we wanted to see Bryce Canyon the next day on our way back home. It was a couple of hours out of our way total, but completely worth it! We spent 2 hours or so driving around the park, getting out to take pictures and walk around. The kids enjoyed it--mostly. Tobin did grumble for awhile, but he eventually stopped complaining and tried to make the most of it. Someday he'll kick himself for not realizing what a treat that was, LOL! The drive back to I-15 was beautiful, too, and the whole experience made me think that I need to start praying that God provides a camper for us! I miss camping! That is something we have NEVER done with our kiddos, and I have such fond memories of camping vacations from growing up.

We made it home by 5 p.m. Vegas time, which was great...the kids headed across the street to play with their friends, and I headed to Walmart to stock up on fresh groceries. Last grocery trip before we are OUT of our house!!

Later I will post all our pics from the canyon on Facebook and put a link here so you can see the rest. But in the meantime, here are two of our favorite shots with us in them!


Janet said...

Welcome home Beverly. My favorite part about vacations, is coming home. Did you get rain while in Idaho, we did when we were there and it was so nice to hear the sound on the roof. I sure miss that.

Janet said...

Happy Anniversary!! So happy for you both. The canyon is so beautiful.

Megan R. said...

We're talking about taking the kids camping later this summer. For us, though, that'll mean tent-camping. I've never camped in a camper. I suspect that would be easier with little ones! I don't know if we'll have room in our trunk for a pack-n-play AND the tent. LOL I can't imagine putting Gemma to bed on the tent floor, though. Who knows where she'd end up.