June 06, 2009

If You Need Some Laughs

I know some of my blog readers are already familiar with this site, but I just had to share. Since I'll be spending the weekend waiting to hear what's going to happen with our Ohio housing situation, I decided to share a fun web site that has had me in fits of giggles over the last couple of weeks.

Introducing...Cake Wrecks! When Professional Cakes Go Horribly, Hilariously Wrong!

Some of my personal favorites...

The Cake That Started It All

The Flash Drive

When Gangsters Go "PC"

Inspiration vs. Perspiration

Naked Mohawk-Baby Carrot Jockeys

My friend Claire referenced this site a long time ago, I think, and then my sis-in-law Sarah posted about it recently as well. I've spent some nursing sessions at the computer browsing the archives and now frequently check in on the updates for a lift of the spirits. Who knew cakes could be so funny?!

1 comment:

The Litwillers said...

I'm wiping off tears as I type...that is too funny!!! I just added it to the list of blogs I follow. Thanks for sharing the laughs!