June 25, 2009

In Idaho

For a few minutes I'm on a (very slow) computer in Mountain Home, Idaho. This is Commission week, a favorite time of the year for our family. It has been 6 days since we've left Las Vegas, but it seems like much longer. We drove to Hill AFB Friday and got a nice 3-bedroom TLF to stay in for the night, then drove the 4-hour journey to Mountain Home Saturday morning. We've been going, going, going ever since!

The kids have done quite well, overall. Lucan still is not sleeping through the night, so that combined with an exhausted Kenna has been pretty rough on me. There is a gal who is helping watch the kids, so I have time during the day to participate in the counselors' Bible study, attend the worship sessions each evening, and do some things during the afternoons, so that has been a huge blessing. It makes me feel a small part of camp even though I'm not a "full-time" staffer, although I am considered "Staff" since I wrote the Bible study. :-) Kenna has been having a ball and has actually napped quite well because of being so exhausted!

The kids have been attending Backyard Bible Club since Tuesday morning, and the Commission team working BYBC has told me over and over how good they are being. Hooray for good reports!

It's a smaller camp this year, with only about 40ish kids and only one staffer and one counselor per track (6 tracks this year) as opposed to 2 staffers and 2-3 counselors. Still, God is working, and it's been exciting to see. Our theme is "Under Construction," certainly a good topic for discussion, as every believer in Christ is in a constant state of construction! At least one camper has come to faith in Christ, as have 3 kids that the street evangelism team has talked with. Exciting!! We're touching eternity!

This is probably it for an update until we return home...I have some quiet time with both kids down for a nap, and I hate to waste it on the computer. I'm heading to the Worship Center to have a real quiet time and catch up on my ladies' Bible study...I've been focused on Commission studies this week, so I need to be sure I'm keeping up with the other book as well.

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