June 05, 2009

The Agreement Doesn't Mean Anything Yet!

So here's the update now. The big house, the one Ted signed a contract for, is actually scheduled for an open house this weekend. If someone comes along who wants to buy it, then we're out of luck. But if not, then the owner is willing to rent, and since we're the first ones in line, we should be OK. He is retired military now working as a civilian for the government, and he and his wife are getting ready for a 2-year assignment to Egypt. (His wife is Egyptian, so I'm sure she's happy about that!) He actually does not have orders in hand, though he is supposed to be there July 16!! So aside from the whole possibility of the house being sold, we also have to wait until he has his orders in hand before he will sign any agreement at all.

BUT, if all goes our way, he is more than willing to do a 2-year lease with the possibility to extend should we need to stay longer, depending on his own situation after 2 years.

Our fleece is out...now we just have to wait and see! If this is the house God wants us to be in, I assume it will NOT sell this weekend and that the owner will receive his paperwork soon!

If something happens and this all falls through, the mini-farm and one other house are our second choices. We can't even decide at this point which is 2nd and which is 3rd! It's comparing apples to oranges. Here is a quick breakdown to compare and contrast:

1920 square feet
No basement
3.7 acres of land
Kids' playset and playhouse
Barn (unfinished, though--dirt floors and no electricity yet)
20 miles from base
Newer, prettier home
3 bedrooms plus loft area
$1700 per month

2500 square feet, plus finished basement
Fenced yard
Basketball court in backyard
9 miles from base
4 bedrooms
Older home, but fairly well kept
$1400 per month

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