June 15, 2009

Keeping Busy

My goodness, time is flying! In the last couple of weeks, we:

* had friends over for a play date while I talked to their mom, my friend Carol, about Sonlight--she's interested in possibly using it next year.

* went to the water park with Sonic lunch bags, then played for the afternoon.

* drove to Mt. Charleston for a picnic with my friend Julie and her kids, an outing that was scheduled for a few weeks ago but got rescheduled and ended up being the perfect way to celebrate our "last" day of school! Julie also wanted to take a look at our Sonlight materials, as she is for sure using Sonlight next year with Zachary and Alyssa. So I got to share Sonlight with two moms in one week!

* celebrated the first day of "summer vacation" by having our neighbor kids over for a day of playing, complete with lunch and chocolate chip cookies.

* took those same kids to Red Rock Canyon for a morning/early afternoon of exploring and picnicking.

* got the boys examined and on allergy meds to help with their breathing.

* went to Cindey's for some scrapping. (I only got 2 pages done, but 2 is better than zero! And I did 4 more pages at home the next day.)

* got a great start on cleaning and organizing the office--Charis's craft corner looks BARE!!

* cleaned and organized a good chunk of the garage.

* attended the EAGLES homeschool group's promotion and graduation ceremony.

* attended the EAGLES end-of-the-school-year picnic.

* went on our first date night ALONE as a couple since before Lucan was born. (Thank you, Debi, for babysitting!)

* enjoyed an afternoon with the F family playing Catan while the kids swam and played together.

I guess at some point I'll write more details, but my good intentions to write about all of our adventures are slipping by the wayside, and at this point, I don't think anyone wants to read more than a snippet description anyway!

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Ski said...

My teaching partner told me about a remedy for allergies-go to the local farmers market and buy locally made (grown?) honey and give them a teaspoon every day. She's done this with her son and he's been fine this spring and it's been a very bad allergy season here. One day we had a nasty storm go through and almost 400 people showed up at one ER for allergy related symptoms. The local honey is worth a try!

Good luck with everything!

Have you heard about the house in Ohio?