October 02, 2007

Love Never Fails

I want to take a few moments to say a sincere thanks to those of you who love us and pray for us from afar! Your encouragement in the comments and via email during these difficult days has been a tremendous boost. Our emotions have run the gamut, and Ted and I have had to take turns being the strong and optimistic one, encouraging one another when the blues have hit. Thankfully they only hit both of us at the same time for a brief while--it seems we've taken turns since then!

I appreciate your offers to help, if only you could! Just knowing we have loved ones who are willing to come to our aid if distance didn't prevent them from doing so is a blessing. Lord willing, we'll be able to do the bulk of our move on Saturday, when more people in the local area are available to load and unload the truck.

In the meantime, I thank God for my friend Lyn, who called immediately after getting the news to ask how she could help and make sure we knew she and her husband would do what they could. They watched the older three kids for us yesterday for about five hours, which was a tremendous blessing, as we ended our house hunt and sat for awhile at our agent's house filling out paperwork. We also got some packing done while they were gone. Lyn has also offered to take the kids to AWANA tomorrow evening so we can have more time to pack. If we need to take her up on the offer, we will, though I do hope we can take a break and go to our couples' class during AWANA.

I was also blessed to get my friend Cindey's email today. She offered to take the kids whenever as well, and in her words, "Name a time and I will make helping you a priority!" Our kids love "Miss Cindey," and she loves them, too. I appreciate her willingness to jump in and help us during this crisis.

Others have offered to help when it's time to load the truck--in fact, many guys Ted works with will without a doubt be here for the grunt work. Military members know better than anyone else what it's like to have to move!

Ted has also been encouraged just knowing that our (church) friend Adam told us he is willing to take a few days off work to help us as well. His wife Laura has offered to help by watching kids, and overall, watching our children is quite possibly one of the BIGGEST ways we need help! We love them, but it takes so much time and energy to answer their requests, deal with squabbles, etc.

And speaking of time, I need to get going...Kenna will probably wake soon, and I need to look around and figure out what needs to be done next.

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