October 02, 2007

Do They Pay Extra for Being a Jerk?

Sure seems like that's the case. We were headed out the door to meet our new landlord to finalize our contract, do the walk-through, get the keys, etc., when the agent who is selling this house, Dillon, called. He wanted to come by right then to have us sign the 1099 form, which apparently is necessary if we want the $1000 for the "cash for keys" program. Ted told him that we were leaving, and he got all snotty about it and said we'd have to come to his office or we wouldn't get the money. This agent has gone out of his way to be rude and unhelpful, scoffing at the concern we expressed when we got the 3-days-to-quit notice yesterday, even though he was the one who said we needed to call him ASAP if we got any eviction notices posted. (Not only was the notice posted on our door, but we also got a copy in the mail yesterday.)

Meanwhile, Ted has put in no less than about 8-10 phone calls to the attorney's office from whence came the eviction notice. Conveniently they are never around, though Ted did actually talk to a real, live paralegal yesterday who promised to do some checking and get back to us. I'll give you one guess as to whether we heard back from her.

So now Ted has donned his military uniform and is marching down there in person to see if he can get some answers. He is also taking signed 1099 forms that we printed off the Internet to Dillon's office so he can't whine about us not cooperating. Even though I do say it myself, my tall and buff husband looks pretty impressive in his uniform, so I'm hoping that he'll at least command some respect from the people who talk with him, because respect, let alone common courtesy, has been sadly lacking in all of our interactions with these people.

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