October 31, 2007

Kid Funnies

I really must put more of these on here. When the kids say something funny, I tell Ted when he gets home from work, we laugh about it together, and then promptly forget about it. However, we've worked really hard to remember these, so here is a funny from each of the big kids from the past couple of days...

After reading "The Miracle Picnic" in Arden's Bible story book (about the feeding of the 5,000), one of the questions asked what was in the little boy's lunch. Arden's response: "Five loaves of bread and two loaves of fish."

She referred to the TV antenna as "antlers." I guess it kind of does look like the TV has antlers!

A bit of back story here...we have been working on birthday thank you notes ever since the party. Our dear family members apparently feel that Tobin must be in mourning for not sharing a birthday with a sibling, so they usually send him a little gift as well. I've been having him write his own thank you notes. He had written a nice one to Grandma J but was a little disturbed that it took so much space on the paper. (I had cut quarter sheets for his and Arden's thank yous since they would fit into the envelopes Charis was using for her homemade cards.)

So when it was time to write to Grandma and Grandpa Keist, Tobin informed me that the paper wasn't big enough. I told him to just do it anyway. He came back and proudly announced that it had all fit onto the one page. Here's what he wrote:

Dear Grama,
Thanks for the stuff.
From Tobin.

Hey, at least he wrote it himself! ;-)

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