October 01, 2007

Day 4 of the House Hunt

This is hopefully the last day of actually house hunting. (See post below for why we need to get out of here ASAP!) We looked at 3 houses, and the first one of the day was by far the best of the three. In fact, we decided that it was by far the most logical choice for our family, so we have filled out an application and are meeting the owner at 6 p.m. to give her the application and the $100 application fee. (Yet another out-of-pocket expense...)

Here are the stats:

* Two-story
* Five bedrooms, one downstairs (which will be the office) and 4 upstairs
* Three bathrooms
* 2434 square feet
* $1500 per month
* Ceiling fans
* Cathedral ceiling
* Decent sized back yard with grass and enough space for our trampoline
* Two-car garage that is deeper than most around here--a little extra storage area, which will be helpful. (We've had 3-car garages in the past two places, which has been nice because of all of Ted's tools.)
* Ceramic tile floor downstairs--beautiful, but a bit of a drawback since Kenna will be learning to crawl soon. But all of the upstairs is carpeted.
* Gated and established community with a community pool and rec area.

There are a couple of minor drawbacks:
* The kitchen is even smaller than the first house we were in and has tile on the countertop--ick. At least it does have a small island (and I do mean SMALL).
* The house is in a different part of town. Ted will only add about 5-7 minutes to the park-and-ride, but it's farther from church. Closer to the library and the park where the kids have P.E., though. I was really hoping to stay in our zip code, but I'll get over it.

So...Lord willing, I guess this will be "our" house for the next 22 months or so!


Bob & Claire said...

Well, the house sounds nice, but WHAT in the world is up with the notice on your door?! "Unlawfully residing"?! Oh, I would be so mad!! Boy, I tell you, these experiences of yours have been amazing. I wonder how on earth the Lord is going to use them! I'm sure he must have some great thing in store!

Anonymous said...

Just so you know, I have been praying for you every day since this whole thing has begun. Thanks for keeping us posted on how to pray.
Love Ya,