October 01, 2007

Can Anyone Please Tell Us What's Going On?!

We signed a "cash for keys" agreement last week, Thursday, I think, saying that we would be out of this house October 11 and receive $1000 from the bank.

This morning we found a notice on the door, dated September 27, that says we have 3 days to get off the property that we are "unlawfully" residing on. Ted has been trying to talk to the attorneys who sent the notice, but he's been given the run around by an exasperated-sounding secretary. Like we have no right to know what's going on?!

We are at least 70-80% packed, so as soon as stuff goes through for a new house, we can start getting out of here. Can we be out of here in 3 days? Do we HAVE to be out of here in 3 days? And 3 days from when, exactly? If it's from the date on the letter, that would be two days ago! Nice of them to post it early this morning, the cowards. HELLO--WE'RE THE VICTIMS HERE!!!

I have never been so frustrated in my entire life. We have done everything possible to cooperate during this whole process, and darn it, we're even LOSING $1500 to boot. And yet everyone we encounter treats us as if we're criminals, or even if not to that extreme, they act like it's no big deal to throw a family out of the home they've been making rent payments on faithfully for 16 months.

Can someone just acknowledge that we're getting a raw deal here?! Can anyone in the financial machine that is turning our lives upside down even say, "Hey, I'm so sorry this is happening"?

Thank the Lord that He at least is on our side!!

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