February 26, 2010

Operation Christmas Child--Month 2

A couple of Wednesdays ago I dashed into the Goodwill store on my way to growth group. I usually drop the older 3 kids off at AWANA, then meet Ted at the B's house for group, which starts at 6:30. Since AWANA starts at 6:00, I usually have 15-20 minutes to do quick errands. My purpose this particular Wednesday was to try to find some pants for Arden, who stubbornly refuses to stop growing.

No luck with pants, but on the way out, I found a display of brand new little trinkets for 29 cents each. Thanks to our family resolution to think "Operation Christmas Child" throughout the whole year, I immediately thought--those would make great shoebox stuffers! Woohoo! I got all this stuff for just over $6. Thank you, Lord!

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