February 10, 2010

Whining on Wednesday

1. The trash pick-up has been happening earlier and earlier. We've taken to setting things out Tuesday night so they would be sure to be picked up. With the big snow yesterday, we didn't set the trashcan and recycling bin out last night, and the truck was pulling out of our neighborhood when Ted went out to shovel at 6:30 a.m. Grrrr.

2. I thought I was on top of things with doing a load of laundry early this morning, but when I went to transfer some clothes to the dryer, I discovered that someone had put a wet pull-up in the washing machine. Dis-GUST-ing. Had to run the load again, and there are still gel thingies clinging to all the clothes. They had BETTER disappear during the drying phase.

3. Lucan had a poop that went up his back when I went to get him out of play time in his crib. Sigh. It's not as easy to clean these poops as it used to be, what with the texture (ew, TMI, I know) and his tendency to flop like a fish.

4. My body hurts from hours of shoveling snow yesterday. I'm thankful Ted had a delayed start for work, which allowed him to shovel before he left. It's snowing gently now, and I'm sure I'll have to get out again and shovel before Ted comes home this evening. I didn't bother to get up and work out this morning, though, so it's all good.

5. The kids and I all started the day grumpy and rude. It's just no fun when siblings are sniping at one another and I feel like a mean mama. But on the plus side, it made us remember how much we need a Savior when we did our Bible reading this morning and reflected on Jesus' death on the cross in the Awesome Book of Bible Facts.

6. Kenna pooped in her underwear. Sigh.

7. It's 12:30 p.m. and I still haven't showered for the day. (Thankfully this doesn't happen frequently anymore...not like the days of having a newborn in the house!)

OK, so in the scheme of things...none of this is earth shattering. We have plenty of food, a warm house, a healthy family, and a host of other blessings. Sometimes it's just the little irritations of life that steal what should be deep, abiding joy. I'm over it now. Bottoms are clean, school is finished, and the older kids are all out playing in the snow. Lucan and I will hang out for awhile together, and then I'll enjoy mopping the kitchen floor (seriously! I love clean floors!) and work on shoveling the driveway for my hubby.

And just maybe I can get a shower during afternoon naps.


Susie said...

I just finished showering, Beverly. You're not alone :) I even curled my hair so I could feel cute instead of "mommy-ish" after being inside all day! I'm trying to talk myself into shoveling. I know it would bless Andy, but shoot. It's forty minutes to get the kids ready...

The Litwillers said...

We got the boys each a child-sized snow shovel and they are both at the point where they actually do some good with them. They can't get the drive-way real well, but they do a decent job on the sidewalks.

Beverly said...

We have one child-sized shovel right now...looking to get more!